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May 2004

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How to See Something

This blog's contents are to be construed strictly as momentary opinions held by Zian Choy. None of the posts should be construed as an accurate prediction of future events, as accurate descriptions of current actions, or as accurate depictions of past actions.

These postings are provided "AS IS."

This blog is friends-only for security and privacy reasons.

If you want to be added to my friends list, simply add a comment to this entry.


*Sees that she is on his friends list*

Zian Choy...
Zian Choy...

*Can't quite figure out who he is*


Are you the one that is working on the Redwall Interactive Novel thing?

Or are you just somebody that I know somehow and I have forgotten?


I wish I was! No, I'm the person that came up with the Redwall Series Tactical Game and I'm currently on the BS Abbey Staff.
Actually, you were kind of right though. I'm hoping to turn RSTG into a sort of Redwall Interactive Novel kind of thing.


Hey, Zian, it's Dee! ^_^

Well, you wanted me to post a comment, so I am. Hope this is the right place. Talk to ya later! ^_^


Re: Hey, Zian, it's Dee! ^_^

Not really. I friended you so if you would log in to your LJ, you could see my more recent posts. :)
Hey zianchoy! Seeing as how friends make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I was wondering if I could sneak onto your friend list. :)

-Folgrim from Terrouge


Welcome to random notes! :)
42! :)
Heyo. Just saw this link on Terrouge in your sig, so I figured, why not? Maybe we can get down to some of that musical theory you were talking about...


Guess who? :D I don't post on mine, but I have it to be able to see friend's entres :D, or family in this case :D.

Re: Hello

*topples over*
Here you go! *friends him*
Hey, Zian, its Rabb from Terrouge. Add me?
How did you find my blog?

And I might add you. But you have to go first. :)


I found your journal off another journal OR your terrouge button. Dont remember XD. I'm pressed for time. I'll add ya in an hour after I watch survivor ^^

Re: heh

I don't think that was in "an hour." But I've added you anyway.

For a quick peek, just check my tag cloud.

Re: heh

yeaaah. Survivor was cancelled because of MArch Madness. I wasnt able to get to my computer though. ^^
add me
Where do I know you from?
a computer community
Which one? And what's your handle there?

I know this might be a little exasperating for you but I want to make sure I know who I'm adding to my list of LJ friends.
Acully none. I was searching for a community for windows vista witch im getting. and i seen you at the bottom were they have the Lj journals and you had some of the interest as me, so thats when i thought to add you.
I haven't installed Windows Vista yet so I'm probably rather unqualified to help you out.

The best LJ community I can find for you is http://community.livejournal.com/ms_windows.

I suggest using Microsoft's discussion forums for most questions: http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/communities/newsgroups/en-us/default.mspx

I generally hang out at Microsoft's Channel 9 (http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=15). However, that forum is geared towards geeks so I wouldn't recommend it for you. Judging by your interests list, you'd probably feel like you're in over your head very quickly.

I hope this helps.
acully Im More a 'geek' then people think.
But add me?
Oh. Then just improve your spelling and grammar a little bit and you'll probably find that Channel 9 is quite helpful.
My handle there is "Zian."

No, I won't. You'd just read about totally irrelevant information about my life.
I'm sorry but that just crossed the line there.

This journal is mine. I reserve the right to make the final decisions regarding it. Since I have acquired a nitpicker, I have edited my profile.

I only said that the technical content of the discussion may be excessive.

If you continue this line of commenting, I will delete your comments from now on.


Cycling in your blog?

Hi Zian, I'm hoping to see some comments about your cycling here!

East Hill

Re: Cycling in your blog?

Unfortunately, I can't let you see my posts unless you have a LiveJournal account.
Zian, It's Brock/Grant.

Just made a LJ, and still trying to figure everything out.
I've been doing quite well. What have you been up to lately?


love the gromit pic! add me please! :)

Thanks! :)

Good news! In the past, you'd need a LJ account, which I don't think you have, to be added to my LJ friends list. Now, you can just log in with your Facebook account, post a comment here, and I'll be able to let you in.

For details, see http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?view=full&faqid=318.
did i already do this a long time ago? don't remember, sorry!
Nope, you didn't. Welcome to my LJ!